Alone to Japan

2019 ‘Alone to Japan’, Striving for the Refraction Movement‘.  I published my first book. In 2018, I traveled alone to Japan, not knowing why. I

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Days beyond time

A project by Maya and Gal Reva, video artists, that brings together testimonies of Holocaust survivors with artists. Twelve testimonies, twelve artists, who translate the

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The bullring

Before arriving at the village, I couldn’t even imagine that there is a bullring. If I wasn’t a curious creature who couldn’t leave a closed

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The paintings

Sketches and Expressive Artworks, Created During My Strolls Through the Village and Encounters with its People Oil painting i did after the residency

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Women 365

one year online project. I interviewed one woman, every day, for a year. The main value of the project was the opportunity to be exposed

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